The Freshness and Elegance of Blue Ceramics

Jun 22, 2015

Classical blue and white hues, which were used so frequently in the past, are making a return to center stage in inspiring the latest interior design trends and adding a touch of Bohemian style to our interiors. This color array was formed in the Delft Ceramic School in Holland during the 17th century and has proven to be a timeless pair.


The Historical and Traditional Style

After being inspired by the Delft Ceramic School, this trend was brought to the historical kitchens and bathrooms of palaces in the 17th century. The materials were bought from China, and then constructed into tiles by Italian immigrant artisans. In addition to flower motifs and traditional geometric styles, prominent design schemes in the tiles also included landscapes with windmills, plains and seas.


Fabresa Veramic Wall Tile

Fabresa – Ceramic wall tile. Oporto Series White body in 6X6”


Harmony Between Traditional and Modern Style

With this classic retrospective that is achieved by the blue and white combination, these floor tiles reach a perfect balance between past and present. The combination of modern patterns in the mix of design and geometry, gives us a contemporary version of this historical trend.


Ceramic Patterns

Cerámicas Aparici – Moving Blue Natural Series. Floor tiles. Mix and match with 15 random combinations. (11X11”)


Vintage Airs

With the objective of giving walls and flooring an artisan look, the Spanish ceramic tile manufacturers have created wall tiles with hand-made details. These hand-made tiles blend perfectly with the blue hues to achieve a seamless vintage look. Enameled finishes are at the forefront in this trend, which give this decorative style a hint of elegance.


Cevica Tiles

Cevica – Antic Special Series. Wall tiles. Color: Vía Láctea (Milky Way) combined with decorative border in Azteca Acero (3X6”)

Geometric Harmony

If there is something that the color blue reminds us of, it is the Arabic culture. The new collections in hexagonal form are perfect for designing our walls and flooring with geometric harmony, and a relaxed yet elegant color combination.


Peronda Argila Collection

Peronda- Series: Argila Collección – Artigiano hexagonal floor tiles. Floral blue combination. Artisan line. (6X6”)


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