The Most In Demand Flooring Trends of 2018

Apr 27, 2018

Floors in homes and commercial spaces can set the mood for the entire atmosphere of a design. New ceramic tile technology makes it possible to get creative with flooring by playing with colors, shapes, installation techniques and textures for spaces that are uniquely your own. Below are some of the most popular and innovative flooring trends of 2018.

Cevica, Good Vibes Collection (6X6“)

Cevica, Good Vibes Collection (6X6)

Mix & Match

This year Spanish ceramic tile manufacturers have presented mixes prints, colors and shapes to bring out the creativity of a space. In the Good Vibes collection by Cevica, featured above, the sophistication of the dark grey hexagons accomplish an equilibrium with the cool colors of the aquamarine patterned hexagons to create a cozy space with a fun, yet simple, flair.  

Grespania, Coverlam Collection, 39x39

Grespania, Coverlam Collection (39×39)

Material Fusions

Large format ceramic floor tiles, such as Coverlam by Grespania, mimic natural stone and minerals to help obtain a bright, clean look while attracting natural light. At the same time they manage to create the feeling of continuity with a unique aesthetic. When there are no divisions in the patterns, limits vanish and the pieces connect with each other to create an ambiance of indivisible fusion. 

Land Porcelánico, Lookback (35X35)

Land Porcelánico, Lookback Collection (35X35)

Industrial Luxury 

Intense shades and high contrast pieces create flooring designs that are eclectic, yet full of sophistication. The fierce black and gold shades of the Lookback collection by Land Porcelánico adds style and luxury to a room, making the floor the focal point of the design. 

Mayolica, Decors Collection, Cayenne Series (8X8)

Retro Inheritance

Digital printing allows new ceramic pieces to maintain the legacy and styles of different eras throughout time. Geometric floor mosaics, seen above in the Decors collection by Mayolica, evoke feelings from the 60s and 70s with an attractive design adapted to fit modern times, full of vitality and varying on the most recurrent classic lines. 

Pamesa CR Piave Collection, Karelia (7X71)

Contemporary Classics

Classic ceramic pieces are combined with contemporary ambiance and traditional elements that have been adapted to fit a modern decor.  Wood-inspired pieces, such as the CR Piave series by Pamesa, are perfectly matched with trending colors and offer more value to designs than natural hardwood floors. 

STN Ceramica, Rainwood Collection, Woods Series (6X35)

Movement and Motion

The characteristics of certain patterns, such as the chevron installation of Rainwood by STN Ceramica featured above, accomplish functionality and stability in a space but also energize it thanks to the varying in hues. The pattern is attention-grabbing, yet not overbearing, and give the space a unique design. 

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