The Value of Balconies, Terraces and Gardens

Jun 18, 2020

As we ease our way back to the new “normal,” we continue to spend time at home and make changes to our interior spaces to adapt to the needs of our daily routines. With the arrival of warm weather, there is now a call for change to our outdoor spaces.

No matter the size, exterior living spaces have recovered their prominence as the most valued part of the home. They are versatile areas that can be converted into living rooms, dining rooms, recreational areas and much more.

There is nothing more enchanting than a well-designed balcony, patio or garden and now is the ideal time to rethink the function of these spaces, transforming them into a tranquil retreat to be enjoyed throughout the warmer months.   

Sustainable, durable, and perfect for all seasons ceramic tile remains the ideal cladding and flooring option for exterior spaces. Here we highlight ceramic selections ideal for outdoor living spaces:

Connect With The Outside

Even the smallest of spaces can be enhanced when connected with the outdoors. We suggest using the same ceramic flooring both inside and out to create a continuity effect and emphasize the feeling of spaciousness. Whether the aesthetic be traditional or contemporary and the space, large or small, there is an abundance of ceramic tile options available to suit any exterior need, so that the transition from the interior to exterior is seamless.  

Take Care of Our Biorhythms

Ceramic provides smart and simple solutions to stairs, steps, slopes, overflows … since special pieces are manufactured for each challenge that must be solved in the installation. Ceramic tiles are thus able to make the most of our outdoor spaces, both in functionality and aesthetics.

For these areas we can choose to use ceramic pieces in warm and soft tones, which invite relaxation. Neutral tiles that fit perfectly with any type of furniture and leave nature the leading role.

Look Back at Our Exteriors

The versatility of ceramics manages to turn a patio or garden into a small paradise, allowing the relationship between our house and the environment to be easily graduated.

The qualities of this material; its touch, roughness, texture, colors, geometries, sizes, and its various types of porosity, make ceramic the perfect ally for the configuration of these outdoor spaces. In addition, ceramic pavements and tiles are durable and withstand problems over time due to their resistance to changes in temperature, humidity and inclement weather.

If space allows, install an exterior dining room to your patio or terrace.  We recommend the use of ceramic floor and wall tiles to define this space and differentiate it from the rest of your outdoor living space for a grand entertaining area.

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