The Wonderous Diagonal Mar Park

Dec 30, 2021

If adventure and excitement are what you seek, then a trip to Barcelona, Spain should be added to the top of your travel list. While visiting the Catalan capital, be sure to add a stop at Diagonal Mar Park to your sightseeing to-do list.

Built by Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, Diagonal Mark Park is Barcelona’s second-largest leisurely space, stretching across 1400 acres of land. Located in the New Forum district, the park was built atop an old factory site in 2002, with the goal of connecting the city’s past reputation as an industrial mecca with its present and future desire to become a contemporary metropolis at the forefront of originality and architecture.

Designed as a dynamic space that bridges the city’s epicenter with the adjacent coastal landscape, the park offers a series of diverging walking paths that provide a scenic tour of its seven distinct sections.

Each area was designed to evoke a different emotional sensation. A large children’s play area, an expansive lake with sculptures that spray out water, a raised walkway above the lake, curved tubular structures, a giant central plaza and rolling hills are clearly defined and linked by a common element: water.

The water flows through the raised tubular structures that envelope the park. The structures are coated in various types of ceramic stoneware manufactured by Cerámica Cumella. Colorful mosaic pieces, elements full of volume and irregular geometry, encapsulate each tube and have been installed using a serigraphic technique following a non-uniform pattern. The tubes are manufactured in two models and five different sizes, each providing a tremendous variety of formats, coupled with multiple laying patterns, which create diverse designs, each differing from the next. Smaller fragments of flat white glazed stoneware cover the remaining gaps across the surface of each tube using the trencadís technique.

In addition to being the linking element of the jigsaw puzzle of the park, the tubes also carry groundwater to irrigate the gardens and landscape. A technological and decorative wonder which fits in with the sustainability criteria that formed the basis of the design of the Diagonal Mar Park, connecting nature and man-made design.For even more projects, products and news from Tile of Spain be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter Pinterest.

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