This Season, Choose Ceramics

Sep 7, 2022

Ceramics have become an indispensable building and surface material and remain one of the key design elements when building or renovating a home. The advancements Spanish manufacturers have made to the production processes of ceramics have imbued collections with immeasurable benefits. The quality, inalterability, resistance to severe weather conditions and temperatures, non-toxic properties, ease of maintenance, and stability of new ceramic ranges are just a few essential variables to consider when updating or constructing a home. Read on as we explore these benefits and learn why this season and beyond, you should choose ceramics.

Barroco, Bestile


An indisputable advantage offered by ceramic is its inalterability. It is a long-lasting material, resistant to wear and tear, and adaptable to extreme weather and high temperatures, all while maintaining its color and qualities without alterations, dilations or deformations over time.

Aura, Azulev


Day-to-day activities of domestic life can cause irreversible damage to common household flooring options such as hardwood, vinyl, laminate and even real stone. This can lead to an unsightly appearance that can be costly to repair. Thanks to its high-quality composition and acute degree of resistance and durability, ceramic floor tiles tolerate a tremendous amount of activity and traffic making them immune to signs of wear.

Pangea, Vives

Flame Resistant 

Ceramics are non-flammable, heat resistant and will not succumb to accidental sparks, hot liquid spills or residential fires. Because they do not burn or melt, ceramic tiles prevent the spread of a possible fire, helping to improve the safety of the home.

Fashion, Life Ceramica


Ceramic tile is a solid material comprised of clean and recycled ingredients that go through a production process with a very low environmental impact. They are one of the few eco-sustainable construction materials that are 100% recyclable from installation to renovation. This means they have an exponential life-cycle and can be installed, uninstalled, repurposed and reused in a limitless number of projects.

Rhea, Estudio Ceramico


Thanks to its low porosity, ceramic surfaces do not absorb dirt and prevent the reproduction and transmission of bacteria. They are also non-toxic and can be cleaned and maintained with chemical-free solutions, further enhancing a pure and healthy environment in the home.

Giant, Colorker

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