Tile of Spain at Architectural Ceramics in the 21st Century Conference

Mar 14, 2014

Tile of Spain will have a presence at the upcoming “Architectural Ceramics in the 21st Century” at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


From March 22 to 24, the intensive 2-day conference will explore the use, performance, maintenance and preservation / restoration of ceramic and ceramic tiles (clay, porcelain, rain screens, etc) into new or existing buildings and monuments.


Dr. Martin Bechthold, co-director of the Harvard University Masters in Design Studies Program and director of the Graduate School of Design’s (GSD) Technology Platform, will participate in the program. His presentation will cover digital materials systems and new technologies and innovations in design.


Dr. Bechthold is the chief collaborator with Tile of Spain and ASCER (The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association) on the Harvard GSD research project “Ceramic Futures”. Students participating in the project receive specific training on ceramics and explore advanced testing methods for architectural applications, such as advanced digital modeling, digital fabrication methods and robotics manufacturing, etc, incorporating all aspects of sustainability and environmental compatibility .


The the recent installation “Ceramic Shell” was exhibited at TRANSHITOS (CEVISAMA) in February 2014. The installation featured a ceramic covered double curvature on a single piece and was suspended three meters above the ground by a metal grid.


“Ceramic Shell” as seen at TRANSHITOS (CEVISAMA), February 2014

ASCER maintains partnerships with international schools like Harvard GSD, the School of Architecture at the University of Liverpool (United Kingdom), and the School of Architecture in Darmstadt (Germany).



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