Tile of Spain at the 2012 AIA Convention Showcased Several Unique Architectural Solutions … and a Memorable New Use for Wooden Pallets

May 29, 2012

The Tile of Spain booth at this year’s AIA Convention and Design Expo in Washington, DC was a showstopper!  The design was a unique utilization of wooden pallets that was a favorite among the many architects in attendance.


But, more importantly, the cutting-edge ceramic tiles featured at the Tile of Spain booth were the real standouts.  The steady stream of architects visiting the booth, many of who had never seen such innovation in ceramics, embraced Apavisa’s Archconcept, Grespania’s Coverlam and Peronda’s Timber.  Here is a brief recap of these three products from Tile of Spain manufacturers:

  • APAVISA’s Archconcept series is a new indoor/outdoor ceramic collection that provides dramatic volume to vertical surfaces with several shapes including unique hexagons with a center bump and square panels with raised and folded corners.  The tiles are created with stone, metal and cement finishes that have revolutionized traditional porcelain finishes. 
  • GRESPANIA’s Coverlam series is a laminated and rectified porcelain stoneware tiles manufactured using an innovative production process that has reduced the tiles’ thickness to 3.5 mm.  These large-format, lightweight tiles have all the same strength, impermeability and durability of thicker tiles.  
  • PERONDA’s Timber series is inspired by aged wood, recreating the look of natural deterioration such as salting and oxidization. Created using the latest printing technology, the tiles can also be customized with text and decoration inspired by the industrial stamps and symbols used on wood.

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