Tile of Spain Branded Manufacturers to See at Cersaie 2010

Sep 2, 2010

The Tile of Spain delegation of Spanish ceramic tile manufacturers will demonstrate its commitment to the global building and construction market with a large delegation of exhibitors at Cersaie 2010. The international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings runs from Sept. 28-Oct. 2 in Bologna, Italy.


Over the course of the five-day show, Tile of Spain manufacturers will show a vast array of new products as well as their most successful lines. If you are headed to Bologna at the end of the month, be sure to stop by these Tile of Spain branded manufacturers:
ADEX www.adexspain.com Hall 14 Stand A1
ALAPLANA www.alaplana.es Hall 18 Stand C15
ALFA CERAMICA www.alfaceramica.com Hall 25 Stand B231
APARICI www.aparici.com Hall 36 Stand B10
APAVISA PORCELANICO www.apavisa.com Hall 26 Stand A236-B235
ARGENTA CERAMICA www.argentaceramica.com Hall 15 Stand A31-B32
AZTECA www.azteca.es Hall 26 Stand A2
AZULEJOS ALCOR www.azulejosalcor.com Hall 25 Stand B58
AZULEJOS MIJARES www.azulejosmijares.com Hall 25 Stand B47
AZULEJOS SANCHIS www.sanchis.com Hall 15 Stand A7-B8
AZULEV www.azulev.com Hall 15 Stand E2
AZULIBER www.azuliber.com Hall 14 Stand C35
BALDOCER www.baldocer.com Hall 15 Stand C32
BALLESTER PORCAR www.ballesterporcar.com Hall 36 Stand A48
BRANCOS www.brancos.com Hall 26 Stand B106
BUTECH -GRUPO PORCELANOSA www.butech.es Area 45 Stand 41
CERACASA www.ceracasa.com Hall 18 Stand A2-B1
CERAMICA CAS www.casceramica.com Hall 20 Stand B2
CERAMICA ELIAS www.ceramicaelias.com Hall 22 Stand A108
CERAMICA GOMEZ/ONEKER www.ceramicagomez.com Hall 26 Stand B38
CERAMICA LATINA www.ceramicalatina.com Hall 36 Stand C10-D11
CERAMICALCORA www.ceramicalcora.com Hall 19 Stand C7
CERAMICA MAYOR www.ceramicamayor.com Hall 26 Stand B183
CERAMICAS CALAF www.ceramicascalaf.com Hall 26 Stand B154
CERAWORLD CERAMICAS www.eskemaceramicas.com Hall 36 Stand A43
CERLAT www.azulejosmijares.com Hall 25 Stand B47
DECOCER www.decocer.com Hall 19 Stand C65
DUAL GRES www.dualgres.com Hall 25 Stand B5
DUNE www.dune.es Hall 19 Stand A64
EL BARCO www.elbarco.com Hall 19 Stand A66
EL MOLINO HIJOS CIPRIANO www.elmolino.es Hall 36 Stand B50
EXAGRES www.exagres.es Hall 25 Stand A44
FABRESA www.fabresa.com Hall 26 Stand B134
FANAL CERAMICAS www.fanal.com Hall 25 Stand B243
GARO www.garogres.com Hall 36 Stand C40
GAYA FORES www.gayafores.es Hall 19 Stand B1
GRES CATALAN www.grescatalan.com Hall 14 Stand C31
GRES DE ARAGON www.gresaragon.com Hall 19 Stand B64-C63
GRES DE BREDA www.gresdebreda.com Hall 26 Stand B174
GRESPANIA www.grespania.com Hall 26 Stand A26-B27
HALCÓN www.halconceramicas.com Hall 36 Stand C60
IBERO-ALCORENSE www.iberoalcorense.com Hall 36 Stand C44
INALCO www.inalco.es Hall 20 Stand C44-D43
KERABEN www.keraben.com Hall 25 Stand A134-B135
KEROS CERAMICA www.keros.com Hall 16 Stand C48
LAND PORCELANICO www.landporcelanico.com Hall 36 Stand C9
MAINZU www.mainzu.com Hall 26 Stand B142
NATUCER www.natucer.es Hall 15 Stand A35-B36
NAVARTI GRUPO www.navarti.es Hall 18 Stand C20-D19
NOVOGRES www.novogres.es Hall 36 Stand C65
ONIX www.onixmosaic.com Hall 26 Stand A38
PAMESA www.pamesa.com Hall 19 Stand C28-D27
PERONDA www.peronda.es Hall 15 Stand E19-F20
PLAZA www.plazatiles.com Hall 26 Stand B98
PORCELANITE www.porcelanite.es Hall 25 Stand B2
PORCELANOSA www.porcelanosagrupo.com Hall 26 Stand A296-B198
REALONDA www.realonda.com Hall 15 Stand A19-B20
ROCA CERAMICA www.rocatile.com Hall 18 Stand B2-C1
ROCERSA CERAMICA www.rocersa.es Hall 26 Stand A242-B249
ROSAGRES www.rosagres.com Hall 25 Stand B36
SAGA CERAMICA www.undefa.com Hall 19 Stand C75
SALONI www.saloni.com Hall 19 Stand A18-B17
SAN GENIS www.san-genis.com Hall 25 Stand B62
STN CERAMICA www.stnceramica.es Hall 19 Stand D57
SUPERCERAMICA www.superceramica.com Hall 36 Stand C42
TAU CERAMICA www.tauceramic.com Hall 19 Stand B27
TECNICERAMICA www.tecniceramica.es Hall 36 Stand B52
TERRACOTA www.terracota.com Hall 36 Stand C50
TICSA www.ticsa.net Hall 26 Stand B154
UNDEFASA www.undefasa.com Hall 18 Stand C34-D31
VENIS www.venis.com Hall 26 Stand A296-B198
VENUS CERAMICA www.venusceramica.com Hall 36 Stand C18-D19
VIVES AZULEJOS Y GRES www.vivesceramica.com Hall 15 Stand E1-F2
ZIRCONIO www.zirconio.es Hall 14 Stand D32

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