Tile of Spain Celebrates National Tile Day

Feb 23, 2022

Sustainable, durable and versatile in design and use, ceramic tiles have played a vital role in architectural and interior design for thousands of years and have become a standout building material in projects around the world. Today, we honor this enduring surface material as we celebrate National Tile Day!

Founded by Coverings, the largest international tile & stone show in North America, and observed each year on February 23rd, this holiday shines a spotlight on the benefit of tile in residential and commercial settings, and recognizes the timelessness it lends to architecture and design.

In observance of this special day, we’re reveling in five upcoming themes that will shape 2022 tile design and trending looks from Spanish tile manufacturers:

Color Wonder

Chromatic schemes are evolving beyond the muted hues and Earthy shades that have kept us grounded over the past year. Ceramic pallets are reinvigorated once again with rich tones, vibrant pigments and bold glazes to breathe new life and ignite passion into interior and exterior spaces.

  Life Ceramica, Cognac
Cerlat, Omega

Stone Slabs

Complementing the forthcoming shift in color preferences is the desire for a refined industrial aesthetic. From detailed marble veining to textured slate and smooth concrete, stone-inspired ceramic slabs enrich floors, walls, countertops and facades with layers of understated movement and finesse.

Cristacer, Iron Blue
Todagres, Everstone

Artful Inspiration

As the capabilities of digital printing techniques continue to progress, we forge further into the most diverse range of ceramic motifs ever seen. Spanish manufacturers are taking their cues from dynamic painting styles, disbursing interesting iterations of watercolor, ink-wash, splashing and more across ceramic surfaces.

Ceracasa, Manhattan
Land Porcelanico, Werkbund

Mesmerizing Mosaics

With small-format tiles continuing to rise in popularity, the mosaic genre is experiencing a great renaissance. Strengthened by flexible infrastructures of unyielding mesh and lining, these petite tiles pack a punch of versatile decoration ranging from metallic reliefs to geometric silhouettes, infusing interiors with a micro-dose of power and flavor.

Vidrepur, Tender Black
Realonda, Circle

Gemstone Treasures

Marble lovers will rejoice in ceramic series infused with onyx effects. This mineral leaves little to be desired with geological etchings combined with high-gloss iridescent surfaces. Mid-size tiles that emulate the ubiquitous elegance of natural gemstones will lead the arena in setting the stage for serene atmospheres.

Coverlam, Palisa
Argenta, Linz

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