Tile of Spain: Going for Gold…

May 3, 2012

Tile of Spain manufacturers continue to showcase ceramic tiles with beautiful metallic finishes, with silver as a leader in sophisticated design themes.  However, flashes of gold ceramic tile made a strong showing at the recent Coverings show, including the introduction of a gold tile by Apavisa to its Pulpis collection that recreates the look of natural stone.  This beautiful, muted gold tile features flecks of 24K gold with matching grout to create an almost seamless gilded wall of gold, as seen here in a hotel lobby.



ADEX’s Rombos collection gives the appearance of an upholstered fabric but in a gorgeous super-reflective ceramic tile.  It’s available in white, silver, gold and bronze and we couldn’t help but think what a great accent wall this would make, especially in a hotel bedroom.  Here we see how it creates a striking design on a beautifully lit bar in a high-end restaurant.



Grespania featured its India series of ceramic tiles with accents of gold, bronze and blues in a breathtaking leaf pattern, with rich and intricate detail; it is reminiscent of beautiful Indian saris and fabrics.  Also available in a deep, burgundy red and gold pattern, this tile creates an eye-catching focal point for any bathroom or commercial design as it adorns the wall like a piece of spectacular jewelry.


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