Tile Style with Tile of Spain

Feb 17, 2016

Tile of Spain recently unveiled their new image and advertising campaign at an international press conference attended by over 150 Spanish and foreign journalists at CEVISAMA in Valencia, Spain. A key element of the communication strategy, the advertising campaign plays an essential role in the Tile of Spain promotion plan, defining the international position of Spanish ceramic tiles.


The new image links Spanish tile to values such as innovation and modernity by taking advantage of the latest trends included in the ceramic tile sector’s principal creative lines. A special font, designed exclusively for the promotion campaign, makes the Tile of Spain brand instantly recognizable, clearly differentiating it from its competitors. The connection between this font and the trends proposed allows for a dynamic strategy that can be renewed through the addition of further elements associated with future trends.


The campaign will be featured in international advertising actions in countries such as the USA, Russia, Germany, the UK, France and Italy, and will be the image used at the various trade fairs attended by the Spanish ceramic tile industry, including Coverings 2016.


The ‘TILE STYLE’ slogan is inspired by the lifestyle concept and refers to the styles of ceramic tiles in relation to the products’ various target segments in terms of both countries and user profiles.


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