Tile Trends: What We’ve Seen So Far in 2015

Jul 13, 2015

Interior design has never been about sticking with one trend, but more about a “cocktail” of trends – mixing the most innovative with the traditional. Ceramic tile is an extraordinary ingredient used to create this decorative “cocktail,” possessing infinite personalities without losing a pinch of simplicity, efficiency or durability.

So far in 2015, we have seen wall and floor tiles from Tile of Spain that magnificently recreate the taste of yesterday. At the same time, the latest technology that is being used in the market has allowed for new formats and finishes which are a must for today’s styles. Here’s a look at a selection of tile from Spanish tile manufacturers.



Unicer – Serie Eden. Combined coating pieces embossed in two colors and pieces decorated with nature inspired images (23.5 x 58 cm).



The search for simplicity this year has brought about the desire to leave materials “naked,” or in their natural hues. The ceramic tiles that follow this trend lack enamels, designs and reliefs, giving spaces authenticity in its most natural version.



Argenta- Koren Series. Porcelain floor tile (36X36 inches). Color: Grey


Ceramic tile collections that are inspired by woods are back again this year in design projects that require a natural atmosphere. Tiles are designed in all wood tones, keeping classic formats but paying special attention to new installation methods suggested by the gurus of interior design. A mix of soft and subtle hues and stressed looks translate into a “well-lived in” space.



Bestile – Carpatos Series. Porcelain floor tile (6X24” inches) in different toned down graphics and combined in an random mix of colors.


Another tile trend in 2015 is the “mix aspect.” Floor and wall tiles are displayed in unique color and texture combinations such as light and dark, glossy and matte. This combination helps uncover every space’s unique identity.



Alttoglass – Fashion Fire Series. Mosaic combination of glossy and matte finishes. Color: red (13X13” inches)


These tile trends indicate that rooms are even more refined through the use of the most luxurious ceramic tiles with sophisticated finishes. When using ceramic pieces we can find a wide range of possibilities: organic prints, unique abstract drawings, geometrical designs, and on occasion tampering with reliefs or with installation.




Equipe – Hextile Charmant Series. Ceramic floor tile in bee-hive pattern combining black, grey and white. (7X8” inches).


In addition to the array of colors and decor that we’ve seen on tile this year, ceramic tiles are transforming in terms of size and thickness, which has been a new concept for 2015. From giant slabs of ceramic up to 16 feet, to extra thin pieces only 3 millimeters thick, to the latest in shapes, all have been redesigned and fitted for 21st century spaces.


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