Tiles create harmony in white

Jul 8, 2016

Color is one of the key elements in home décor because it can illuminate each and every corner. It plays a fundamental role when it determining the final impact each room of a home will have.


Color not only contributes to the ambiance of a room, but also to the visual proportions of the space. This is the case with white, the non-color color, which has the ability to illuminate, make bigger, or provide elegance or simplicity where it is used.

Product 2_RosaGres_Lovely_snow

Rosa Gres, Lovely series


Through its different hues and thanks to a synthesis where primary colors are blended, we reach an effect of purity which goes from trendy whites, classics, and finally, the more contemporary tones. Ceramic floor and wall tiles from Tile of Spain companies such as Rosa Gres, Keraben, Vives, Roca and Gayafores explore the incredible multi color range that can be achieved with white pigments.



Keraben. Evoque. Ceramic floor and wall tiles in marble white (29.5X29.5”)


White As Leitmotif


Trendy whites provide an ideal natural hue to projects which aim to achieve a calming and sophisticated ambiance. These effects can be had with the different shades varying from white tea, silk, grain of sand white or lotus flower white.


Additionally, the most important rooms in the home can look bigger if the floors and wall are tiled with marble-inspired whites, which offer continuity in each of their lines. Installing ceramic tiles in extra-large square formats amps up the level of elegance and decorative concept. Plus, the natural vein effect and matte finish of marble look Spanish ceramic tile contributes to the room’s symmetry.



Vives. Etnia Series wall tiles in Etnia Blanco (4X8”)


Vibrant White


Leave uniformity and equilibrium aside to offer interior choices where ceramic tile provides all personality and optimism in total white, happy and pure. The use of wall tiles with glossy finish generates a vibrant volume constantly changing. This effect increases when designers install small pieces of different sizes, increasing the sense of a unique space with very personal touches.


Another option for a classic decor with Tile of Spain is using timeless white and pairing it with different soft hues to obtain a unique touch in each of the different rooms in the house. For example, pure white, spring white, cloud, cream, ivory and camellia or pearl white.



Roca. Pure, Base Bone wall tiles and floor tiles (12X24”)

Sobriety Is Measured in White Levels


Luminosity transforms to warmth thanks to the discretion offered by dense and serene white which have been put forth by some contemporary-style ceramic wall and floor tile collections. This white hue is ideal to convey serenity to spaces where everyday life takes place in a home; such as the kitchen or office. Sobriety and symmetry are also present through the harmony formed by ceramic tiles in square and rectangular formats covering the floor and walls.


Last, to keep softening the décor in interiors, contemporary whites reinforce the commitment to use white as a fundamental element in decorating with the vitality and strength provided by vanilla white, as a ceiling of ceramic tile.



Gayafores. Brick White. (11×33,5 cm) (4X13”)

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