Tiles that Shine.

Dec 12, 2012

In design today you will find metallic ceramic styles bringing shine and shimmer to any space. Metallic tile styles range from exquisite and luxurious, to simple and minimalist, and Tile of Spain is on top of the trend.


Take a look at the examples below from Tile of Spain manufacturers. These are just a sample of what’s available.

Golden tones are used to create a glamorous look, while silver have a more sober shine. Coppery tones are increasingly becoming more popular. They bring warmth to the space they are used in and combine easily with neutral tones like black and white.


Another idea is to combine metallic tiles with patterns, colors and textures to create contrasts between different parts or walls. This can be seen in the Dune serie Tiffany Marcil tile seen below.


For a more romantic look, consider tiles with metal coatings and abstract motifs, that recall Byzantine art and let sensuality fill the space.

Vives – Serie Michigan


Ceramica Cas - Serie Arahal

Ceramica Cas – Serie Arahal



Dune – Serie Tiffany Marfil


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