Timeless Materials: Terra Cotta

Nov 9, 2018

No matter the era, there are certain materials that are always present in interior design. Terra cotta has been one of the most widely used materials in homes throughout history. Designers are not only using traditional terra cotta tiles that invoke a classic look, but are also reinterpreting terra cotta into more modern designs. 

L’Atic Vernacle in Pucol (Valencia) designed by El Fabricante de Espheras Studio, Honorable Mention of the XIV Premios Cerámica ASCER. Photograph by Milena Villalba

Because of its diverse texture, artisan style and earthy look, the use of terra cotta in the homes is associated with simplicity and nature. The manufacturing process of terra cotta tiles is considered a craft, which is what gives each piece a natural and unique look.

The characteristic earth tones of these tiles give spaces warmth and create a Mediterranean style, which makes them a favorite for those who want rooms that have a lived-in look.

L’Atic Vernade, Photography by Milena Villalba

L’Atic Vernade, Photography by Milena Villalba

Can Picafort (Mallorca) project by Ted’ A arquitectes, honorable mention in the XVI Premios Cerámica ASCER. Photograph by Luís Díaz Díaz

But terra cotta tiles are not only used in traditional designs, they are also present in contemporary projects. These new designs maintain traditional roots, but at are adapted to fit more creative and modern needs. New formats, textures and hues achieve a contemporary look. The natural elements of the terra cotta contrast with the modern design elements, and together create spaces that are unique and full of character.

Can Picafort. Photograph by Luís Díaz Díaz

Cerámica Elias, Milenium Series (6.2”)

Natucer, Boston Brick (10X3”)

Calaf, Xocolat (11X11”)

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