Trend Watch: Spanish Ceramic Tile

Aug 16, 2013

Tile today is anything but flat or square, it’s all about adding depth and interest to environments. Tile of Spain manufacturers are constantly presenting materials and solutions that empower and inspire their clients to use tiles in creative ways. Here’s a look at what’s trending now.


Mixed Patterns:

The mixed patterns of Vives Tassel series.

The mixed patterns of Vives Tassel series.

Often times the same Tile of Spain collection will feature Moorish geometric shapes next to French revolution damask and Celtic tartans. And somehow this period fusion all fits together and looks like it was always meant to be. Here we see the pattern mix working together in the Vives Tassel series.


New Neutrals:
Neutrals work together in the Tecnica Paris 3060 series.

Neutrals work together in the  Azteca brand Paris 3060 series from Azulejera Tecnica, S.A.



Many Tile of Spain collections feature complimentary neutral tones meant to work together to create a unique neutral canvas, the Tecnica Paris 3060 series for example. Stripes, solids and patterns in the same color tones allow for spaces to be as unique as the people that inhabit them.


Porcelanosa Ona

Porcelanosa Ona

Just as TVs, movies and smartphones are moving into the 3D, so too are ceramics.  Spanish tiles, such as Porcelanosa Ona, are offered in multiple textures to further the ability to personalize spaces. Contrasting layers of thin and thick, bent or warped and pulled or stretched formats create dynamic landscapes for light to play with and create a nuanced space that connects with the individual.


Bright Accents:
Bright accents and colors from Pamesa.

Bright accents and colors from Pamesa.


Accent colors that remind us of childhood are here. They are the bright, saturated colors of creamsicles and cherry ice pops. These strong, vibrant tones give an uplifting punch of color to ground and accent designs. Here we see an example from Pamesa.


Be sure to visit the Tile of Spain Inspiration Gallery. It is continuously updated with new tiles and tile trends from Spain.


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