Trends in Ceramic Surfaces 2024

Dec 27, 2023

With the needs of interior and exterior environments continually evolving, Spanish tile manufacturers perpetually develop new ceramic products to meet consumers’ design and technical needs. As sustainability and well-being remain a top priority among homeowners and designers in 2024, there is also a rise in influence from vintage design trends, updated with modern flair.

In honor of these prevailing themes, the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER), in collaboration with the Habitat Trends Observatory (OTH), present the four main trends in ceramic surfaces for 2024:

El Barco, Kendall

One with Nature

The desire to connect with nature by finding ways to seamlessly assimilate organic elements into built environments is stronger than ever. Spanish ceramic producers have adopted graphical resources with naturalistic aesthetics, using finishes that replicate raw materials – rough, coarse, raw, veined and even burned surfaces. Tile makers have also implemented scenic effects such as water, clouds or forests by leveraging blue and emerald tones, vibrant greens and shades of orange and terracotta.

Equipe, Wadi
Vives Azulejos y Gres, Bali

An Era of Wellness

As health and wellness continues to be a lifestyle mainstay for many, Spanish manufacturers look for new ways to create ceramic tiles that exude feelings of calm and comfort. New ceramic collections integrate rounded shapes with pastel and neutral tones for a minimalistic aesthetic that spark inner zen.

Gayafores, Tribeca
Da Vinci Cerámica, Gamma

Retro Resurgence

Drawing inspiration from the past helps infuse present ideas with a timeless elegance. This year, tile makers look to the prints and patterns of the 1950s and 70s for their latest collections, employing the bright shapes and dynamic colors these time periods are known for to infuse movement and rhythm into interior surfaces.

Halcón Cerámicas, Terra
Cevica, Habana

Shining Bright

While some Spanish artisans look to resurge the past, others are gazing into the future for the next cutting-edge trend. Metallic embellishments will have a significant impact on 2024 ceramic collections. Throughout the upcoming year, anticipate an influx of lavish marbled finishes and dark tones that are sure to radiate with opulence.

Togama, Sixties Diamond
Estilker, Roma

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