Upcoming Trends in Ceramics

Mar 20, 2019

The process of creating a home is complex and intimate. Designers (or homeowners) must be able to find functional solutions for everyday needs while keeping the personal touch of those who will live in the home.

Geotiles (Pamesa Group) Tokio (35X35”)

To achieve this, one must choose high-quality materials that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Spanish ceramics have a long history of doing both of those things. Always at the forefront of industry, Spanish ceramics are the material of choice with sales showing year after year growth.

Aparici, Gatsby (8X8”)

Cevisama, the industry’s most prominent trade show, brought our manufacturers together to present this season’s newest collections. This year’s displays included unique and modern trends, as well as classic, timeless designs. Each collection highlights the qualities that make ceramic tile unique: resistance, durability, comfort and beauty. Below are some of the trends displayed this year:

The Classics

There is a reason why these chic, timeless designs are present year after year. Ceramic tiles inspired by marble and stone finishes are the clear favorite for homeowners.  Because ceramic tiles are waterproof and hypoallergenic, they are the choice material for high traffic areas in the home. This year’s trends include a combination of different designs, shapes and new formats in hexagons and scales.

Gayafores, Velvet (6.5X6.5”)

Vives, Niko, (14X 13”)

Natural Inspiration

Ceramic tile is a material created from the earth (clay) along with water and fire (fired in ovens). However, ceramic tiles evoke elements of nature both inside and out. Designs this year featured rough textures inspired by wood, or light dents that simulate natural grain. And all of this without giving up the quality, resistance, and durability that distinguishes ceramic tile.

Myr Ceramica, Loftwood, (8X47”)

Cerpa, Metro (13X35”)


The watercolor trend explores new sensory possibilities when it comes to color in ceramics. This season, we see a combination of a crafty, farmhouse aesthetic combined with a more sophisticated finish. Colors come in a wide array of hues and tones, and high gloss finishes are present in even the darkest colors. Of course, ceramic tiles are waterproof, repel mildew and bacteria, and are easy to clean. What more can we ask?

Equipe, Habitat (8X8”)

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