Warmer Weather Brings New Ceramic Tile Trends

Jul 19, 2018

The arrival of warm weather brings changes in decorative preferences – both indoor and outdoor. Functionality is sought after for materials that are sun and water-resistant, as well aesthetic offerings such as light colors that highlight the brightness and vitality of the season.


Ceramic manufacturers offer suitable pieces for the most popular spaces during the hottest months. Tiles in different tones, sizes and layouts enhance freshness and light, and are easily adaptable for all interior and exterior environments. 


Colorker, Wonderwood

Naturally Summery

In addition to their resilience, ceramic floor tiles are also extremely versatile and offer different finishes depending on the mood you want the space to lend. For example, the natural lines and veins in different wood inspired designs provide a fresh and natural feel without the heavy care and maintenance. In addition, it creates a feeling of harmony and luminosity in the atmosphere, ideal for relaxing in the company of a good book.


Cristacer, Piemonte Grey

Grey Shades As a Decorative Element 

Ceramic tiles are commonly used in vacation homes as they are adaptable for multipurpose spaces. Its technical properties allow ceramic to cover both interiors and exterior spaces, and neutral tones, grey in particular, facilitate the integration of decorative elements from all different design styles.


Exagres, Lucca Terra

Sun Kissed Earth Tones

Choosing floors and walls in harmony with the surroundings of the house gives a special charm to the space. Earth-colored flooring is the most suitable for coastal and country homes. Tiles with a rustic appearance in ochre, brown and terracotta tones are a great option for these types of properties.


Bellacasa, Cazorla Fuego

Summer Classics

The rustic style is a timeless trend that Spanish ceramic manufacturers know and recreate every year in their catalog of offerings, presenting new formats, colors and finishes. This season, ceramic pieces with a wear and tear effect stand out.


Bringing these types of flooring inside the home adds a fun flair to rustic style residences. This mixture of rustic flooring both inside and outside the homes provides rooms with a unique style that will undoubtedly captivate the attention of guests.


Keraben, CasaInfinita, Terranova

Mimicked by the Landscape


Ceramic wall and floor tiles inspired by stone elements highlight the value of the passage of time and create idyllic settings that are totally reliable to the environment and to the wear and tear of the materials themselves. Used in shades that are integrated into the landscape, they make it possible to achieve spaces that invite rest and are conceptualized from the aesthetic and functional simplicity of rural environment..


Cerámica Mayor, Creta Woods Nordic

Ideal for Pools and Spas


The arrival of summer brings with it the long-awaited time to enjoy outdoor pools. Offerings for these months come with models designed specifically for terraces, decks and pools. Specifically, ceramic offerings include drainage and anti-slip pieces and steps, among other outdoor necessities. 


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