Ceramic Tile Selection: A Guide to Choosing Format, Color, and Decorative Relief

Jan 19, 2022

One of the most exciting aspects of architectural and interior design is experimentation. Design provides an outlet to play with colors, dabble in shapes, mix and match textures, explore patterns and expand creative boundaries, to craft a space that is as unique as the individual who inhabits it.

Mayolica, Nissel

It is with these design factors in mind that ceramic tile has become the top surface material of choice to use in both interior and exterior projects. Unlike other materials, ceramic claddings offer an array of aesthetic and functional benefits thanks to their versatility in appearance, inalterability, resistance to damage non-toxic makeup, durable form and sustainable life-cycle.  

Below, we highlight a series of key design characteristics to consider when selecting ceramics for residential space as well as a dose of inspiration to boost your creative energy:

Playing with Format

One size does not fit all when determining the caliber of tile to install across walls and floors. Ceramic tile design has evolved from the once standard square and rectangular formats to outfit spaces with dynamic collections and pieces. Alternative formats, geometric shapes and dynamic dimensions have the ability to transform surfaces and imbue interiors with harmonious rhythm.  

From small-scale mosaics that highlight certain areas to the exceptionality of hexagonal collections that add charm and personality and the XXL sizes that visually expand and amplify,  playing with formats allows you to explore your creativity and achieve a look that best fits the environment of your home.


Halcon, Madox
Museum, Dual

Color Games

Color scheme selection is one of the most fundamental design decisions to be made when defining the personality and style of a room. Color provides a base for establishing identity and has a critical impact on the renaming decorative options. 

Ceramic collections are available in a wide range of colors palettes and combinations. This year, we take solace in neutral tones that evoke a sense of warmth and comfort. However, If you’re daring enough to go to the dark side or be bold with vivid pigments, we invite you to delve into the leading ceramic chromatic trends of 2022 here.

Cristacer, Iron
Geotiles, Amazona

Decorative Details

The application of floor and wall tiles with detailed stylings and mesmerizing effects is the perfect way to revitalize a home with striking dynamism. The idea is to opt for subtle motifs that stimulate the senses and infuse rooms with imagination and wonder. 

By seeking out tiles embellished with textures, metallic effects, and intricate patterns, we can bring surfaces to life and create optical illusions. Similarly, you can specify different formats ranging from high-gloss to matte, that offers a unique set of sensations and defined style.

Keratin, Verse

Colorker, Pulsar

The Splendor of Prints

Thanks to the advancements made in ceramic tile production, manufacturers are creating ceramic suites with the most diverse range of motifs ever seen. Tile fabricators are now able to reproduce natural materials such as marble, wood, and stone, artful interpretation of watercolor, collages and ink-wash painting, and detailed biophilic, encaustic and vintage graphics upon the surface of ceramics.  

The decorative reliefs that can be found among the ceramic collections allow us to express originality, welcome ingenuity to indoor and our door settings and create art out of walls, floors, countertops and nearly every surface in a home.

Estilker, Kenia
Mainzu, Jungle

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